A Reuters report put the forecast decline in shipments of Huawei phones in the global markets

Confirmed new report published by Reuters recently that Huawei will continue its decline in smartphone shipments globally rose by between 40 to 60% according to indicators recent sales of Huawei smartphones.

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Try Huawei facing the repercussions of the ban imposed on the company strongly in the recent period, where I started the Chinese giant is already the first steps to develop a special operating system to the network to support the next versions of the Huawei phones وHonor.

However, a new report came from Reuters pointed to forecast an initial decline in shipments of Huawei smartphones from 40 to 60%, where it is scheduled to be monitoring sales of the company last Honor 20 and evaluate the performance of this version in the market, as stressed in the report that Huawei will begin to reduce shipments if you don’t bring the phone performance is good in sales.

It is estimated that up phone Honor 20 to European markets on 21 June, also at the time that referring the report to the forecast decline in shipments of Huawei phones between 40 to 60% came to the expectations of the Chinese giant decline in the number of units sold only from 40 to 60 million units this year.

I have recorded the Huawei’s sales of smartphones during the past year reached 200 million units, so the decrease of shipments of phones increased by 40% as stated in the report of Reuters represents 88 million units, while the estimates of Huawei down sales of 40 million units just 18%, which is a major contradiction between the report of Reuters estimates of Huawei, only that the difference in the performance of Huawei in the global markets would certainly be in its financial report next.


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