A revolution in mining? Samsung will release the chip for the ASIC with twice the energy efficiency

Division of Samsung Electronics, Samsung Foundry, has commenced production of the new 7-nanometer chip Low Power Plus (7LPP). It is expected to revolutionize the mining industry. The main advantage of the device — 50% energy savings. To achieve such a result will allow a new method of production of a company — the so-called “hard” lithography (EUV). The approach will allow to increase the density of transistors while reducing power consumption.

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The technology will also allow the company to reduce the time for manufacturing a single chip — this means that they will be cheaper counterparts. In addition to reducing energy consumption, the new chip will increase the efficiency of devices by 40 percent, and their power will be greater by approximately 20 percent.

According to Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics Charlie BAE, the issue 7LPP on the basis of EUV technology will be a real revolution in the world of semiconductors and provoke “a fundamental shift”. After the appearance of the chip in the sale it will be the best choice not only for smartphone makers but also for a wide range of devices. First of all, we are talking about mining.

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In the near future the company will supply the first batch of chips for testing to a limited number of customers, most of whom were manufacturers of smartphones and other gadgets. The company noted that 7LPP will make a breakthrough in the development of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and the introduction of 5G communication standard.

During a cryptocurrency market decline and falling revenues from mining coins produced energy-efficient devices is the best news. However, exactly when Samsung will release the chips to market and how much they are worth is unknown. It is hoped that the price will be justified.

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