A screenshot leaked confirming the ovation version iOS 13 on Dark Mode and a number of other improvements

لقطة شاشة مسربة تؤكد إحتفاء نسخة iOS 13 على الوضع المظلم وعدداً من التحسينات الأخرى

Showed site 9to5mac exclusively a screen shot for iOS 13 appear to contain the next version of the system, actually the dark to meet the circle there situation all the apps working on it, and give it the option level of the users during the night with many of the improvements that would accompany this situation in conjunction with maintaining longer battery life.

In will be able to owners of the iPhone, activate Dark Mode by whining to the settings or via the icon in the main menu allows the transition of time seamless, and as the footage shows opposition to the highest experience we this it is clear that Apple’s preferred display mode the dark in their own way with the integration of some of the colors vibrant rather than the background of varying color only.

And other improvements that appeared to change at the level of the main interface after taking a screenshot where you show the image captured in the middle of the reality and the appearance of the background is camouflaged with they are a number of editing tools below phenomenon was the by designs three-dimensional.

On the other hand, have we mentioned in the previous work of the Apple TV to integrate the application of its Find My Family and Find My Phone in one application is what will appear already in the next version to apply the uniform bears the name of Find My, It is worth mentioning that it does not separate us only a week for the conference Apple WWDC 2019, which will launch in Apple’s updates a wide entire systems operation.

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