A second lawsuit against Apple because of the design of the keyboard in the computers MacBook Pro

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When Apple announced that it will supply the consoles and private computers MacBook Pro New a new mechanism called the mechanism of the butterfly, and it seemed like a good idea, but it turns out that everyone does not have the same feeling, there are many reports which say that the keyboards that rely on the mechanism of butterfly new fail twice more compared to keyboards that do not use this mechanism.

Since then, a lawsuit has been filed against Apple because of the design of the keyboard, but the problem seems to be that Apple legal is not over yet where a lawsuit has been filed against the company. According to the statement submitted by the prosecution which is acquired by the site Patently Apple, it’s alleged that Apple had violated five laws. This includes a breach of security, Frank, into law to ensure consumer into the Law of unfair competition in California, into law of statutory compensation to consumers in California.

Use these violations to the manner in which the Apple TV with the repairs and warranties for laptops own when it is sent not because of the imperfections of the keyboard, and the way in which to mislead by Apple customers through Marketing for laptops. However, it is interesting to find that the suit suggest that Apple violates the Law of warranty consumer, which stipulates that products sold must be for the purpose of what note that the lawsuit says that computers and Apple portable is not so with consoles equipped with a mechanism of the butterfly.

Unlike the first, which ask the Apple recall and replacement of all laptops, this lawsuit seeks to obtain compensation, although it will determine the amount of compensation in court.


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