A security firm discovered serious security flaws in Metal Products, a subsidiary of Qualcomm

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Researchers discovered a security company Check Point is a serious security vulnerability that threatens every person uses a smart phone with a processor belonging to Qualcomm with the knowledge that processors Snapdragon, a subsidiary of Qualcomm considered the beating heart for approximately 40 percent of the smart phones available in the market today. Overlooking the researchers gung on this vulnerability the name ” Achilles “.

I found out the company Check Point more than 400 line is weak in the code processors Snapdragon from Qualcomm. And, of course, that the company keeps secret most details to assess the risk of the use of this vulnerability by the hacker to infiltrate users ‘ computers.

This gap is Secretary of the newly discovered allows the possibility to record calls, steal data and install malware that can’t uninstall and even disable the device. Started Qualcomm already updated their own software and modify its source code to prevent manufacturers soon, which you’ll need to issue updates to fix its smart phones.

However, analysts say it is highly unlikely to be anyone may use these security vulnerabilities and they don’t have any record of anyone actually doing it. As long as you download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store, you should be safe.


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