A security vulnerability Bluetooth know millions of devices at risk of attacks

It seems that the method of pairing headsets, printers and many devices of the third party to your smartphone or computer is completely safe, where I discovered a loophole wish Bluetooth would allow hackers access to the data that is sent between the two devices, and change them also in secret.

This gap, I call it the “KNOB”, and affect the communication of the Bluetooth BR / EDR versions from 1.0 to 5.1. Where through the gap, can the hacker control and processing of data sent between two devices, in addition to the command injection code and implement types of harmful behaviors, where the pulse to be organs considered as connections the Bluetooth BR / EDR this would be difficult to exploit the vulnerabilities, in addition to the need to be a hacker in the scope of the devices during the implementation process of the hack.

However, there is some good news. The announcement of this gap after the corporate versions patches security to shut it down. Where Apple released a patch in late July for the operating systems own, and also companies such as Microsoft, Google and blackberry and issue the correct security, so you should install this the security to fix the holes.

Source: KNOB attack

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