A selection of products Call of Fruity new N

The acquisition became products bath and body easier than ever thanks to “Nona“, with launch famous brand “Soap & Glory” the latest configurations of beauty products, entitled Call of Fruity cross noon.com.

Tired the assortment of Call of Fruity notes perfume of tropical, and 6 new products have been prepared to ensure a relaxing experience full of despite. Here are more details about this new group:

Start your day like you’re in the middle of a tropical calm with Body Lotion, Bubble in Paradise is refreshing (AED 50), the exhibition of the extract of mango and Mandarin.

Keep the smoothness and suppleness of your hands with a Cream Hand Food (40 AED), dealing with the perfect combination of extracts of Marshmallow with macadamia oil and shea butter.

Well sparkling, Grease they tip up the body , Paradise Glossed (55 AED) of coconut oil and almonds.

And in preparation for the summer, they chose the middle of Call of fruity’s Summer Scrubbin’ your body scrub and refreshing(50 AED), which uses a combination of coconut shells and balls pupils from the flowers of jojoba rosacea, to get rid of dead skin and radiance to the skin.

Use a Body Moisturizer The Way She Smoothes (60 AED) to increase the hydration of the body with a rich blend of mango and coconut oil, extracts of passion grapefruit, and papaya.

As for dry skin, the best option is to butter to moisturize the skin No Woman No Dry (AED 75), which is an intense combination of coconut oil and cocoa butter, extracts of passion grapefruit, aloe vera, ensures the smoothness of the definite even for the most parts the skin drier.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this wonderful collection that starts the prices of its products from 40 AED only. Benefited from the delivery service free for orders worth more than AED 100. Night, N. time.


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