A self-driving car for”aweber” kill a woman!

Shocked self-driving car follow the uber lady was crossing the road, in the city of Tempe Arizona, America, for, the first time you kill a self-driving car a person which can change the technical route are not entirely for everyone.

The car that caused the accident, according to the city of Tempe, is from model Volvo XC90 SUV, and was in the position to self-driving when the accident occurred, despite the presence of the driver of the human to secure self-driving, control and correct the path to avoid such incidents, according to the website “Wired”.

Way more effective to test self-driving cars

After the accident I pulled the uber car its self-driving of the entire region of metro Phoenix including Tempe, San Francisco, Toronto Peter where car passengers as well.

Said a spokesman for uber is that the company is cooperating with local authorities, while leaving National transportation Safety board and the national safety highways team to investigate the incident.

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