A series of Honor 20 supplied Bluetooth working distance up to 200 meters

It makes no sense to explain what Bluetooth is, as I believe, know it all, who has not been in a cave for the last 20 years. This technology should be familiar to most, precisely because it is used in the modern world literally every day (if not more) for tasks such as transferring files, connecting to wireless speakers, headphones, smart watches, or even household appliances.

As is clear from the title of this news, we speak about a powerful Bluetooth that is able to reach devices that are located at a great distance from source – up to 200 meters. Usually many users use Bluetooth when connecting to devices that are close. However, there are times when the devices are considerably further apart than the signal standard of power, especially when there are obstacles between them. In this case the connection becomes unstable or even may be cut off.

Honor installed in their smartphones CPU AI to independently regulate the power of the Bluetooth signal

This problem is not new, and therefore a solution for it, in theory, there has long been: to increase the signal strength of the “blue tooth” and ready. However, there is a problem, and it is in the small capacity of batteries of modern mobile devices, which is so hard to survive until the evening, and when using a wireless connection, increased power generally runs out in a few hours.

This Honor used in new smartphones in its popular line of Bluetooth capable to increase the signal power when you need it, and subtract it when the number of obstacles and the distance between the connected devices be less. To smartphone knew when to use a more powerful signal, it uses the same artificial intelligence, about which we hear so much lately.

Honor 20 comments low power Bluetooth connected to it devices

Coupled with the special processor Hi1103 AI measures, like sonar, power return signal and determines whether to increase its power or current power will be enough for a stable connection. Most interesting, in my opinion, is that the ability of Bluetooth receiving devices (headphone, hours, etc.) is completely irrelevant, since twice the power source (in our case, the smartphone Honor) compensates and makes the connection as stable as possible.

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