A set of stereotypes and misconceptions, or the New brainchild of Hollywood about Bitcoin

Hollywood has always been sensitive to trends. And cryptocurrency is no exception. The title of the new film is not creativity: “the Crypt” to be released in April. The film tells the story of an investigator for the fight against money laundering, who lives in a remote village of the state of new York. The employee immediately contacted with a complex cybercrime network favorite tool which is cryptocurrency. Of course, the network implicated Russian hackers. The main role of the investigator chose Bo Nappa, but the film also features actor veteran Kurt Russell.

Most of the audience greeted the trailer with a joke, because many of the scenes just did not tally with reality. For example, in one scene, the investigator searches the computer of a villain who turns out to be a wonderful perfectionist and stores data in a folder called “Bitcoin payments”.

As noted by associate Professor Vanderbilt University Jules white, the film Bitcoin use as a transactional currency that does not need to be exchanged for Fiat. She also criticized how the film shows the problem of money laundering using Bitcoin.

If you had a Bank or any other company in the USA and if you really were trying to launder money using crypto currencies, it is immediately noticed. It’s obvious when you suddenly have assets or property which you could not be. In the United States has to explain the origin of almost all acquisitions.

According to Jules white, the film will be of little use from the point of view of meeting the ignorant with cryptocurrencies. She claims that without such paintings today, almost everyone in America knows about Bitcoin. It was enough hype in December 2017.

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