A short film of a mother communicate with her daughter via virtual reality technology to achieve millions of views – BBC

نشرة صحفية للملصق الإعلاني لفيلم الواقع الافتراضي التسجيلي الخاصImage Source MBC
Image caption Yang Ji-Sung was expected to last chance to say goodbye to her daughter of seven years.

Smashing sadness the hearts of many, but a component inherent in life are difficult to escape from it, and harder when man loses his child.

However, a woman in South Korea have resorted to virtual reality applications to grieve after the departure of her daughter that died in its sixth year.

She was Yang Ji-Sung may have lost her daughter, Na-in suddenly four years ago, after the assassination of her disease is terminal.

The judges panel TV production eight months in an attempt to reproduce a three-dimensional image of the child of the late NA-in.

Used panel with motion capture to record the movements of a child actor – which were then used to reproduce the movement of the treatment the late NA-in, as well as to reproduce its sound.

The team also ensured the parks by default where the mother to her daughter, in the simulator of one of the parks visited by the child with her mother in real life.

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Heard the documentary as “meeting”, presented for the first time on one of the network channels “MBC” main, and with the participation of millions in South Korea.

The scene of “encounter” between the mother and daughter of the deceased more scenes outpouring of emotion.

In this scene you girl, “default” running towards her mother: “Mama, where you been? Do you think in?”

During this lap the default between a mother and her daughter, the mother in a very touching scene.

A little tryst gone.

Raised documentary a debate about the possibility of the women I love are leaving, and what could raise it from the effects of moral and psychological.

While some argue that such a film might work for the issuance of the bereaved, others think that it may prevent these to resume their lives, some have even gone on to accuse the network of “MBC” exploiting the grief of bereaved mothers.

When viewing a video clip period of ten minutes on YouTube, and achieved more than 13 million recalled more than 19 million comment.

Some teachers expressed their concern that this experience of a mother more sorrow and despair, others have asked if the experience was “heaven or hell”.

Image Source MBC
Image caption The filming team spent eight months in the production of the film which provided the opportunity to meet between mother and daughter the deceased

The mother, said she found consolation in the film. She was Yang Ji-Sung had tattooed the name of her daughter to the deceased on her body and hung her photos in every corner in the House. And put her ashes in her necklace to avoid the red one.

And mother she was to see her daughter the deceased in her dreams look sad, but they appear as in this documentary “vaccine”.

Said by psychologists the BBC, if the experience of the mother Ji-Sung can help them overcome the suffered from the pain of myself by the loss of her daughter.

You sun-kyu joo, a researcher for mental health at the University of Korea, if a trade like this “very useful to prevent lost someone unexpectedly; they create the occasion to say goodbye. after the experience of severe pain.”

And Dong-GUI li, a researcher at Yonsei University, told the BBC, said that virtual reality is already used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, and fear of patients, fear and depression.

A project of virtual reality in Britain live production scene of the coronation of King Elizabeth II in 1953 and used to implement memory in patients with dementia caused by old age, as their on a journey through time, summoning old memories folded in the corners of their minds.

The researcher Dong-Gwen Lee, says that tests that contain virtual reality and grief need to be conducted in the presence of a psychologist in order to prevent the occurrence of side effects such as a sweeping loss.

Image Source The MBC/ YouTube
Image caption Many psychologists say that the experience of Ji-Sung may help them in overcoming psychological pain suffered by the loss of her daughter

The last farewell

He said the film’s director, Lee Hyun-seok, told the BBC that the team stuck to the idea very carefully, beginning from the planning stage until the final stage, and it was all based on memories of the mother about her daughter deceased.

At the scene of the end of the film, give a girl a rose to her mother and then lie on the bed, saying she feels unwell, she says she always will her mother.

And say goodbye to each other and the girl, then quickly turn into a white butterfly flying away its wings.

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