A small startup can bypass the Mask and Zuckerberg, linking our brains with computer

Modern technology such as electric vehicles and Autonomous flying taxi definitely will change the world. But nothing will affect our future as a technology that connects the human brain with a computer. It is known that on this task, I Elon Musk and mark Zuckerberg, but they are still very far from the realization of their ideas. But the young startup Nuro may require much less time.

Imagine all the information you can find online, and all of the possibilities your smartphone or laptop are in your head and are controlled by the brain. We cease to forget anything. We get information instantly and also instantly will be able to share it. We don’t even have to write the text or speak.

It is obvious that the one who first implements this technology and give it to the people, will be released on the high-speed development. If all this is implemented in the framework of one country, it will be impossible to catch up. Elon Musk and mark Zuckerberg understand this and are working on a secret project Neuralink and Building 8. The problem is that their development is based on invasive intervention. In other words, the future will require brain surgery. It makes such a future too far. You will need a lot of time to deploy the technologies that people willingly implanted in your body through a brain surgery.

What can speed up the process? Technology that does not require invasive intervention. This technology is at Nuro. In April, the company introduced its own software called Nuos. It was created in order to give the opportunity to people who have suffered spinal cord injuries and other serious illnesses that affected their ability to communicate with the outside world.

The company has had their instrument for at least one person and showed how the Nuos user interacts with the system using conventional tablet. On the tablet screen displayed icons with an expression like, “I need water” or “I am cold”. Focusing on a particular icon, the user can select it. The system monitors brain activity. In Nuro has created an interface based on brain waves.

Today Nuro work in the direction of medicine and create a product to help people with disabilities. However, the company’s CEO Francois GAND believes that in the future their technology can go beyond medical institutions. Using brain waves to control your smartphone, smart home and even the car. It is known that Nissan was already interested in such way of interaction between human brain and technology.

Francois GAND sees a variety of ways to use technology Nuro. For example, he imagines faster keyboard, which will work in conjunction with applications, adapting to their capabilities. Gund is ready to collaborate with app developers who want to use technology Nuro.

He wants the same thing and Mask the Cheese, but ready to do it a safer way. By the way, while the founders of Tesla and Facebook will test their designs on animals, technology, like Nuro, will be able to link our brain with a computer. Even if the solution is not very elegant, it will be a big step to the future.

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