A smartphone without charging port is already a reality?

Perennial stream flow on us news about flexible and frameless smartphones, smart phones with support of networks of the fifth generation, but there are more interesting specimens. For example, the smartphone without charging port (and any holes), and no buttons. Solid smartphone without a single element, violating the integrity of the structure. Perhaps some of our readers may have guessed, what kind of smartphone it is. And it’s not just sketches, but it is a working device.

We are talking about the smartphone Vivo Apex 2019. Our foreign colleagues were able to get acquainted with the concept of this smartphone closer. The company Vivo has collected this smartphone to understand how it will look in the future in their view.

No buttons or ports means the presence of a magnetic power connector for charging and for data transfer. However, the journalists managed to get acquainted with the smartphone, note that the charging though, and works well, still can not compare with a gadget that has the technology of fast wireless charging.

In addition, the smartphone Vivo has a very interesting thumbprint scanner. It can be said, is a “full screen”. That is, you can touch the screen anywhere OLED display in order to unlock your smartphone.

To adjust the volume instead of the usual buttons used proprietary technology Touch Sense. It combines capacitive sensors sensitive to the force pressing the sensor in order to simulate physical buttons. By the way, they are located at the usual place — on the side of the device. In addition, there are virtual buttons located on the right side of the display. They are about the same place on the sidewall marked contours of virtual buttons.

For the reproduction of sound then meets technology SoundCasting. Clever system allows the speakers to remain not audible through the holes in the housing, and through the glass. Reporters noted that the sound quality is at a very acceptable level.

The “heart” of the smartphone is a Snapdragon chip 855, and the company he is 12 gigabytes RAM 256 gigabytes of physical memory and 5G modem. By the way, the technology on which made a device called Super Unibody and its essence lies in the fact that the outer casing of the smartphone is a solid piece of glass with elements of different thickness.

The exact release date of the smartphone on the basis of this concept is not currently known, but with high probability we can say that the release will take place in 2019.

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