A step of despair: How Microsoft is trying to force users to install its applications

In recent years, Microsoft has done a lot for Android, and last week many users were pleasantly surprised when the company launched its app Your Phone Companion to mirror notifications from a smartphone on PC Windows 10. However, we do not live in a perfect world, and therefore everything has a side effect, and in this case it is that Microsoft embeds brazenly advertising their apps directly into the Android system menu.

Using some tricky methods and their various applications because Your Phone Companion is only one of the “infected”, Microsoft uses two partitions of the Android operating system for advertising their other apps. First, this ad was found in the General menu access.

Microsoft uses menu sharing Android to advertise your app

When your smartphone has lots of applications and you often share your content, Share menu on your Android device with lots of icons of these apps. If you have some Microsoft, a company without permission will add functionality from other applications that you don’t even have installed. For example, when sharing links or images Microsoft will be placed in the menu sharing Android icon your OneDrive app. However, clicking on this icon, you will be taken to Google Playwhere you will be prompted to download the app. Each icon is marked with the inscription “Set” in parentheses next to the name of the application.

Another addition to this insolence on the part of Microsoft is how the company uses Android on menu “open with”. When you try to open a file, such as .docx or .pptx, Microsoft offers the option to upload your PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and other Office. This may not be as aggressive as similar tactics in the menu “Share”, because there it can be really useful, but the arrogance of Microsoft still does not hold.

I do not want to convert this into “holivar”, but I just can’t say that iOS such a situation simply does not happen it could. Yes, the OSes from Apple is renowned for its secrecy, and for the most part it is not love and Hayat Android users, but because of its secrecy of such stuff, as with Microsoft, it to happen just could not. Android is an open system, and with all the advantages thereof, there is a lot of “holes”, which are not only “evil hackers”, but even quite a famous large company.

Microsoft has been using Android for their advertising

On the one hand, the antics of Microsoft is not new to users “green robot” because the company does it with their apps at least several months. But with Your Phone Companion app, Microsoft has gone as far as possible, because, for example, Microsoft Word does not run a is OneDrive in the menu to share.

We, the users, we can only hope that other developers will not follow the example of Microsoft and will not use the same advertising tactics, because of the already crowded menu sharing becomes downright prohibitively bulky and ugly.

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