A strange loophole in Facebook application opens his camera faith without your permission!

Bought many of the users of the Facebook application on the iPhone of a loophole exciting to exploitation and make the App Open the camera the background continuously and chaotically during the review of the content of the application.ثغرة غريبة في تطبيق فيسبوك تجعله يفتح كاميرا الايفون دون إذنك!

When you scroll to review the publications on Facebook and open a photo or play a video users found that the app opens the camera back and note that in the side bar of the company.

The video below demonstrates the gap modern theme:

The problem appeared in the times, different while using the app, but in the end, our application opens the camera the background without the user knowing other Order of, or need for it.

Press reports from various sources confirmed the problem running the camera junk in the Facebook application specifically for iPhones operating iOS 13, including the latest version iOS 13.2.2. Devices operating version older than system iOS 12 not affected by the problem.

Facebook’s official response on the tongue, “J. Roscoe,” the deputy head of the Department of integration in the company where thanks to who have reported the problem and promised to consider them and resolve them.

Website TechCrunch technical for its part, quoted one of the researchers safe to say that that gap is not serious, but the same organization just weird.

If you’re worried about that loophole Facebook or problem, you can turn off access to the Facebook app for the camera and microphone. from the system settings special applications.

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