A study of Google: usability is the most important factor to consider a portable for your site/application you

دراسة من جوجل: سهولة الاستخدام هي العامل الأهم للنسخة المحمولة لموقعك/تطبيقك

Not otherwise currently to use the internet via mobile phones is no longer just a luxury, or a way to do a simple task or browse news fast. Indicate the results of a study conducted by Google in collaboration with the Agency to develop interfaces to use websites and Internet applications in the market, two Saudi and UAE nationals to 96% of Internet users in the two states are using their mobile phones in browsing the internet, and confirms the 93% of users said they use their mobile phones in browsing the Internet by equal to or higher than their use of the Internet through dialogue.

According to the study, related companies and Web sites that do not bother developing a version easy-to-use, attractive and customised for smart phone users for the loss of customer sales due to the reluctance of users on those apps and sites and to alternative to easy-to-use commensurate with their phones. The percentage of those who are heading to a location or application of different due to the difficulty of use of the site or the app on their first visit ب38 percent.

The study examined 303 different position of the most visited sites of those that serve the sectors of travel bookings and online retail in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and evaluated based on ease of use and access to what the user is looking for. Came the first three positions in the field of the retailer Online of share a “walk” in the first place, “Apple” in the second place, and “Max fashion” in second place.

In the area of sites and apps to book travel, came to the top of the share “Booking.com“ and then the “fly people“, and “Air Arabia“.

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