A summary of the most important news of the day everyone 25/1/2019

Daily, there are dozens of technical news stories published by the media, including news about smartphones or computers or new technologies that are advertised.

We at tic voila we cover all the news, and in this article can we with you a summary of the most important technical News on Friday 25/1/2019.

1 – Facebook is planning to incorporate talks WhatsApp into master
The report revealed that Facebook is planning to incorporate conversations in the application of its instant messaging. So that when you send a message via WhatsApp user doesn’t have WhatsApp but have Messenger, will his message through the messenger and vice versa, and it is similar with Instagram where they.
Details: Facebook is planning to incorporate talks WhatsApp into master

2 – YouTube would stop suggesting videos about the conspiracy theories
Network YouTube is full of videos of the weird and useful which promotes things that are unfounded, it is disturbing that these videos continue to emerge within the suggestions, but the company began to address this problem, she will work to reduce the appearance of sections on conspiracy theories and false which tells of the news of the false or fake historic events.

3. Battery Galaxy S10+ will be greater than expected
Appeared a rumor in the last period indicate that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ would be great, so that they may reach a 4100 mAh, while the battery version of the standard Galaxy S10 will be the size of 3500 mAh.

4 – Apple says it will give bonuses to the winners in the competition of the best photos taken of the iPhone
You know Apple has instead sharply in the past few days, having announced a contest for the best images of the iPhone to use in their advertising campaigns and edited, but didn’t refer to awards, which angered people on social media sites, before declining company and they say to grant “reparations” to the winners, which means they will purchase their own images.

5 – sales of the iPhone XR to miss the other version
Reports have indicated that sales of the iPhone XR to miss on the sales of the other version in XS and iPhone XS Max, although it launched after them, where the iPhone XR is the most selling since 2016.

6 – Samsung launches the beta version of the Android Pie for Galaxy S8 Galaxy Note 8
The company launched the pilot version of the system for some users in the United States of America, where it is expected that the testing process takes a few weeks before the launch of the final version stable for all users around the world.

7 – Google announces date of its conference for developers
Google has announced that its annual conference for developers will start on the sixth of May next, to continue until May 9, will be during the conference reveal a number of new features.

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