A summary of the most important technical news for Thursday 24/1/2019

Daily, there are dozens of technical news stories published by the media, including news about smartphones or computers or new technologies that are advertised.

We at tic voila we cover all the news, and in this article can we with you a summary of the most important technical News on Thursday 24/1/2019.

1 – advertising for the phone Vivo is, without wrapper or suitable
The company announced the Chinese smart phone components of one whole piece without buttons or areas, in addition to the support of insight from anywhere in the screen and support the audio technology within the screen.
Details: officially: announced Vivo Apex 2019

2 – leak of new images for the Samsung Galaxy S10
Leaked pictures of the new smart phones coming from Samsung, which is the first high-quality images to review the details of the upcoming devices to support a separate Sky, and represents the entire front-end with a small incision in the side holding the camera front.
Details: Galaxy S10+and S10 show in full Live Photos

3 – Huawei announces the willingness to reveal the smart phone retractable
Adeclared Chinese company they would be on her smart phone folding at the Mobile World Congress to be held in the month of February next, will phone networking technology the fifth generation.
Details: Huawei prepares to launch first foldable phone support 5G

4 – the Prohibition of Microsoft’s browser while in China
Said Microsoft to the Chinese government the Prohibition of the browser while the user abruptly, making it difficult for users to access this browser.

This move is sudden at a time of mounting tensions with the United States of America, and the Chinese government services on the internet, especially the Western ones for the benefit of local services.

5 – Twitter launches a “warbler original” in the tweets related to the
Launched the social network recently and on a limited scale property to distinguish the owner of the Twitter the original and the first in the gruel, so that helps users find out the first person who opened the discussion.

6 – Microsoft Office software is approaching the all for MacBook
Reports have indicated that Microsoft is finalizing the launch of its famous office for the MacBook, and will be launched in the App Store by next week.

7 – launch features WhatsApp works on desktop versions
Where it became possible to benefit from the advantages of WhatsApp works on the desktop version or the browser version, including Quick Responses to common questions, and labels to organize contacts and chats filtering and more.

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