A surprise from the application of the Lorem – clash of Lorem without borders, the first of its kind for books, novels, Arab!

You may also spend time in watching movies, serials and various network NetFlix by paying a monthly subscription, you can also get your office e-enjoy the latest books, novels, Arab, according to your desire through the involvement of “Lorem limitless” monthly on the application Loremand ensure you presence in the social network culture and fun will ensure you that your time will be spent in enjoying reading and increasing awareness, it’s the first application of social network ensure you get what you want from e-books without limits for a monthly subscription charge very seductive, Today, you’ll be on the application of the Lorem that will make your precious time yelling at her is fun and useful.

أبجد - متعة قراءة الكتب في شبكة اجتماعية ثقافية مفيدة !

Lorem – fun to read books in a social network culture is useful !

What is a network and application Lorem in?

With a network Lorem, through the application of its own on devices iPhone and iPad, as well as phones, iPads and Android, you can enjoy reading books, novels and Stories of Arab and world without borders, on the application of the Lorem intelligent, with a sense of a paper book in your hands !

In order to ensure the pleasure of reading real, especially for beginners in the world of books, and even not to feel bored, the application Lorem guarantees you many advantages as follows:

  • Free subscription: I enjoy reading the hundreds of free books available on the app
  • Clash of Lorem Without Borders: an online library puts thousands of books and novels in your fingertips and at a price the book actually
  • The possibility to download books to your phone and reading without the need of Internet
  • Fun sensation by reading a paper book
  • Recognition on the recommendations of other readers and social interaction with the activity of their views and assessments and quotes
  • Follow your friends, authors favorite you have to check the last updates
  • The possibility of assessing the books and organize your personal library by adding books to one of the shelves of your three: I will read it, and read it offline, and I read it
  • The ease of use of the app and the possibility of shading the text and tags and notes and bookmarks

Includes the library of Lorem e – books and novels and Stories of the latest releases from various areas like literature, the references to the story and the novel, books the global impact of the process, the psychology books to philosophy to biographical, political, history, the religions, the books develop self-and other books the most sought-after and rare books.

How to use the subscription across application Lorem !

You may wonder about how to use the app, according to the features mentioned previously, it’s simple enough to download a copy to your device from the application Loremand then you can choose how to participate:

  • Free subscription:

You can download and use application Lorem free: download free books confined to certain addresses

  • Clash of Lorem Without Borders:

When you subscribe to the “Lorem limitless” you’ll get your e-library and the possibility of reading without limits for all e-books at the price the book actually! Subscribe Lorem infinitely and get your first month free !

What is the involvement of “Lorem limitless” monthly

The firing property of the subscription “Lorem without borders” in the application of Lorem recently, which is a monthly subscription the first of its kind in the Arab world… where readers can download and read books on the app infinitely through a monthly subscription 5.99$ per month first month free trial!

Enjoy reading the thousands of books, novels, Arab modern by global standards for electronic books, with wonderful advantages, including: susceptibility to turn the pages with a sense of a paper book, the sea, shading text and copy it, zoom in and change the font, the possibility of reading after downloading the books without the need of the Internet, of course the favorite to return to the most important pages in the book.

أبجد - متعة قراءة الكتب في شبكة اجتماعية ثقافية مفيدة !

Lorem – fun to read books in a social network culture is useful !

Application Lorem – a social network for books and reading – won’t be lonely !

You won’t be alone when you use the network application Lorem, there are thousands of readers who will share their experiences, they are social network you can and express opinions and information about books, book recommendations, so you can access to match thousands of others, or to be an active participant in the evaluation.

Interesting information about Lorem !

  • More than a quarter of a million download books per month on the application of the abjad of the Arabic readers all over the world!
  • During a short period is download application Lorem more than half a million times, and share with “Lorem infinitely” more than 30 thousand times.
  • Arab readers on the app from all over the world and more countries to read and interact with the app from Saudi Arabia, USA, UAE, Egypt, and Algeria in that order in terms of the number of readers.
  • Application Lorem proved to the world that Arabs read 🙂

You can now participate in this social network, whatever your device, whether iPhone or iPad, or phones, iPads and Android, you can download the application network abjad of the word, and enjoy looking at all what you want.


  • Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and Android devices.
  • The operating system appropriate : iOS 9.0 or newer / or Android 4.1 and newer.
  • Size : 47.9 MB for Apple / by device for Android devices.

Download the app for iPhone and iPad:

Developer : Abjjad LTD

Price : free

  Click here to download

To download the app on Android:

Developer : Abjjad Developer

Price : free

  Click here to download

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أبجد - متعة قراءة الكتب في شبكة اجتماعية ثقافية مفيدة !

Lorem – fun to read books in a social network culture is useful !

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