A team from the Middle East will qualify to the final areas of the SLG for the first time

Strategy games or simulation games reality called general category (SLG) and a large collection of games loved by everyone, and wonderful in this type of games is the development and tournaments where all players around the World, Clash of Kings that we talked about previously submitted one of the studies months around the world called “Drive The Dragon” This is the sixth season for the Dragons Clash of Kings, the good news is that it continues the triumph of one team from the Middle East qualified to the best 64 try currently to the final. At the date of the 14 of the month of July will play against the Chinese team the other force on the Championship title.

It’s a team BK1 of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This since the beginning of the campaign the Dragons this season, made the alliance the maximum possible strength to win in each round of the tournament. In previous rounds did not beat at all. he said with several teams from the United States of America, China and other countries. Can label this team legends where represents the members of the group elite players from several regions and several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Yemen, and other Arab states.

I joined 351,082 player to 13,549 team of 233 State for the Dragons this season and regardless of nationalities, languages and age, grouping players together and fight constantly in the months 4 last matches in the Championship which is where each round is 120 minutes. Address 50 players of each hand on the soldiers, buildings, resources in a map with the character of the Middle Ages and for each round of matches, very high requirements strategy team and teamwork abilities.

It is reported that the campaign of the dragon was launched in 2015 and season seven, respectively. Currently areas of the seventh season of the campaign of the Dragon 2019. It will be the final to determine the champion of the previous season in the history of the 14 of the month of July.

Think Clash of Kings is first game of the innovative RTS (real strategy game) and RPG (game of the reincarnation of the role) under the title of war game for multiple players. This and Clash of Kings for players from all over the world to play in the same server and provides simultaneous translation for 17 languages. It’s not just a game War is simple, but also the face of intelligence between different countries and regions. Since its launch in July 2014, has achieved amazing results in the world market: ranked fifth among the 50 states and ranked tenth among the approximately 80 countries and regions. I have exceeded the number of users of the game 216 million. Since 2015, focused Clash of Kings on e-sports for SLG. This and Clash of Kings in the formation of e-sports in many ways. The beginning of 2017 in the direct coordination of the China-South Korea, China-Japan, tour of the United States, regional, Russia Game local, to the 2018 World Cup to CoK, and then to drive the Dragon (top of the appropriate SLG for playing Clash of Kings and ongoing for 5 years), continued to Clash of Kings Permanently in command of the e-sports strategy.

After that entered the e-sports to the Asian Games, we believe that Clash of Kings will bring certainly a lot of expertise SLG competitive players from around the world.

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