A teenager who hacked into Apple was hoping that the function

Apple Company

Often, piracy is an illegal activity. Unfortunately, although its nature is legal, there are still a lot of people say so. Sometimes, these efforts will bear fruit when there are some companies and institutions that feel gratitude or admiration for the Privateers so that they know them jobs instead of pursuing them legally.

This is what was hoped for facilities AUD when he succeeded in hacking into Apple two years ago. According to reports, it was this teenager hoped actually to be able to get a job in the company because he heard that another Corsair from Europe managed to do the same thing.

Although the teenager won’t call the function at Apple, however the good news is that it will not be jailed also. Found Australian judge that the teenager who started the process to hack it to Apple when he was 13 years old, does not use his own skills for malicious purposes, but he was doing it out of event technology and Apple. He also said that he uses his skills for good since then.

Currently earned on a bond of good conduct AUD $ 500 for nine months, and also plans to study digital security and criminology at the University in the future.

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