A telecom company, another Japanese reduce the price of the iPhone XR to revive sales

iPhone XR

Is iPhone XR phone is the cheapest in the lineup iPhone X Series. Although the iPhone XR costs about 750 USD, but some analysts believe that Apple still need to lower the price of iPhone XR to help him achieve greater sales, especially if we take into account that the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is not also accessible to a large class of consumers because the price of them is prohibitive, which with respect to thousands of dollars.

As a result, lost some called Apple to reduce their prices, it seems that Apple may have responded to that invitation in Japan, because frequency today that the company SoftBank has announced a new show says to deduct $ 100 from the price of the iPhone XR. It is unclear how long this promotion will continue, but will begin its implementation starting from January 30.

Worth noting that SoftBank is not the first telecom company Japanese reduce the price of the iPhone XR. In the past year, the company NTT DoCoMo is also providing a similar reduction in price. We have heard also reports that Apple may have given a green light to a retailer in China to reduce the prices of its phones new, which is the market which witnessed the popularity of Apple’s decline humbling testimony of Mr. Tim Cook himself.

Although the iPhone’s XR not is iPhone cheapest in the history of Apple, but its price seems even more attractive compared with the other models, it has been reported recently that the iPhone is XR like 39 percent of the total sales of iPhone in the month of December of the year 2018.


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