A trial version of the application Watts August comes the time of the dark the full app

نسخة تجريبية من تطبيق واتس آب تأتي بالوضع المُظلم على كامل التطبيق

All users, especially Android users are excited to experience the dark mode at the system level in version of the upcoming Android “Android Q”, and these days become the characteristic dark requirement advocated by all the users on the applications, especially in popular applications, generally in the theme itself, appeared the new test version of the messaging application WhatsApp supports Android operating system, which has been brought to Dark Mode on the app fully.

Where at the current time, as is known, was given to the application settings feature of the dark only, and has recently been renewed these same settings, the more likely willing to be compatible with the system colors lighter and darker., when you talk about colors, doesn’t use dark mode here. the color black at all, but it uses the color dark gray too, and that makes him a friend for OLED with non-tired eyes with a high degree of contrast between black and white.

Finally, this update as we have indicated previously available in beta channel “beta”, if you’re interested, you can download the latest trial version of WhatsApp in combination with the total demo app from here, in the meantime, the team needs work the app to the urgency, it has added Already application Facebook Messenger and Viber as well as Telegram and many other messaging apps feature dark mode.

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