A tweet from Samsung raises the controversy about the efficiency of protection on smart TVs

Published Samsung a tweet on Twitter recently going to the owners of smart TVs to your Network need to scan devices for malware, and despite deleted this tweet later, but it sparked a controversy already has users of Samsung Smart TVs.

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Manufacturers offer devices smart TVs often updates to the software protection to make sure protection devices from virus attacks, but that tweet Samsung latest by for users of smart TVs raised a lot of questions about the efficiency of the protection provided by Samsung on these devices.

I have noted Samsung in a tweet that appeared on the support page on Samsung, to the need to virus scan in TV or malware when by custom software installed on TVs, also stressed the need to make the scanning process every few weeks.

I have referred some users to be expected to work Samsung to make a virus scan automatically in smart TVs, which has raised many questions about the reason guiding this diversification of users, particularly with the history of the televisions and Samsung that about by the CIA through 2017 to devices to listen via the software “Maxime Angel” according to the WikiLeaks leaks.

Recall that Samsung sent a tweet that new users emphasized on the efficiency of the protection standards in the smart TVs of the company.


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