A Twitter application will allow users to install their lists of favorite

Didn’t you receive the feature lists in the Twitter app a lot of attention before, however these can be a very useful feature.

For example, the importance of which lies in the organization of the accounts by way of interest or check the latest Twitter favorites quickly.

تطبيق تويتر سيتيح للمستخدمين إمكانية تثبيت قوائمهم المفضلةA Twitter application will allow users to install their lists of favorite

Generally in the past month, the Twitter by making feature lists more prominently, and through selected tab in the main page of the application.

Now, there is another advantage of using the company’s launch for all, it is install favorite lists at the top hoping to make the menus more prevalent among users of the app.

Where the user will be able to identify the menus that you can navigate between them in the main screen installed in the top of the page menus to facilitate access.

Whether those lists are user-created or public lists prepared by others.

In this context, the spokesperson confirmed Twitter: “this feature is just a test, and will see them currently a limited number of persons in the application”.

Finally, this addendum made the company a step forward, can play this feature plays a prominent role in improving the schedules customizable.

But the task now is to figure out the size of the interaction with the new feature and seeing the company’s success in attracting the attention of the users to the lists.

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