A vaccine against the effects of stress already in development. It includes living in the dirt bacterium

In the future, people, who are often subjected to stressful situations can protect against the development of health problems due to the so-called “vaccine against stress.” Its main part may become live in the soil bacterium Mycobacterium vaccae, which has a surprising ability to inhibit the effects of emotional turmoil. It was found in 2016 in the experiment on mice, but to explain the principle of operation of bacteria, scientists are only now.

It is known that during stress in humans, weakens the immune system, which becomes a cause of further diseases. Creating a vaccine that keeps the immune system in its current form, scientists are quite unable to prevent their development. The first step is already done — researchers from the University of Colorado at boulder found that bacteria contained within 10(Z)-hexadecanoyl acid effectively reduces inflammation in immune cells.

As bacteria strengthen the immune system?

According to Professor Christopher Lowry, when safe bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae get inside immune cells, they release the above-mentioned acid and switch off the inflammatory processes. It, and similar microbes can be the basis for vaccines, which in future will be able to prevent stress-related illness in military, rescue workers, and representatives of other difficult jobs.

Mycobacterium vaccae

The bacterium Mycobacterium vaccae is among the microorganisms that for thousands of years could play a big role in the development of the human immune system. When people are actively hunted and engaged in farming, they often interact with soil bacteria, but moved in a rather sterile urban conditions, meeting with “old friends” began to thin out, and the human immune system began to weaken.

The vaccine to strengthen the immune system

Restoring friendly bacteria in the body artificially, scientists can achieve the fact that people will become more resistant to various diseases. In addition to the open in 1990-ies Mycobacterium vaccae in the soil can cause fungus and other beneficial for the human immune microorganisms. Finding and studying them, humanity can create a lot of various substances to strengthen the immune system.

With all this, enhanced immunity, too, is not the body good. Recently, researchers from the University of Toronto recently found that immune cells in the oral cavity can interact with microbes and destroy the enamel, dentin and other parts of the tooth. More information about this process can be found in our material.

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