A video showing how powerful cell phone iPhone 11 Pro in the drop test

After that in Apple conference iPhone 11 last that the latest phones has the “strongest glass in smart phones”, it is not surprising to see various tests to bottle the phone on launch day. Tests show falling first over the power of the new phone over the throw phone iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max on the concrete at different heights.

Experience has shown the channel EveryApplePro each phone’s strong glass front and back through more of the 8 fell before the glass breaks.

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All the process of dropping was done from different angles, both phones survived without any Cracking of the glass. Even after throwing the phone from a height of 10 feet, showed a framework of stainless steel some scratches, but the glass remained the same.

Finally, in the second round of firing from a height of 10 feet, give screen iPhone 11 Pro, also and rear glass for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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