A video showing the improvements made by Samsung in the Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Korean giant Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 2 phone on the first of next September, and today a video clip showed the differences between the Galaxy Z Fold 2 phone and the previous generation of Samsung foldable phones.


During the Unpacked event held in July, Samsung made a first look at its new version of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable phones, before the official announcement of the phone's launch on the first of September.

A video clip was published to preview the new version of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 phone via DroidLife, and the video clip provided a clearer view of the phone's design with more precise details and from different angles.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 appears in the video clip already in play, as the clip showed the maps clearly displayed on the screen, as well as the performance of the selfie, as well as the efficiency and performance of the games on the phone, and the video clip also revealed the efficiency and performance of the speakers that come with clear and crisp sounds Compared to other releases.

In a comparison between the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the previous Samsung Galaxy Fold, the clear upgrade and improvements offered by Samsung were revealed in this version, as the screen of the new version appears larger and comes in a thinner size.

Samsung also replaced the large-sized camera parts in the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with a small hole in the screen for the selfie camera, and Samsung also added improvements to the screen separators, as the leaks confirmed that the new screen dividers design is completely closed to prevent the entry of dust.

The video also shows the phone's screen rotation mechanism, along with the Flex mode in the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which supports separating the two screens to work independently on each screen.

It is noteworthy that Samsung will reveal on the first of September the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the date of the start of pre-booking, and the markets in which the phone will be available during the coming period.



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