A violation of the Facebook data of the users may be fined by the billions of dollars

انتهاك فيسبوك لبيانات المستخدمين قد يُغرمها مليارات دولار

Reported by the report of the Washington Post, the convening officials from the trade body of US federal and social the world’s largest Facebook rings a negotiated settlement of the operations of the violation and consecutive to the peculiarities of data users by region, where it is expected to impose a federal fine large considered the highest among the fines already imposed on companies technique the amount may exceed $ 2.5 million.

Returning for 2012 was a fine of $ 22.5 million is the largest imposed by the Federal Trade the technology company against Google for violating the data protection law of the user by tracking his movements through the Safari browser, compared with the European Legal new romances in similar cases may reach 4% of the annual gross income of the company; which means a fine of billions of dollars against giant companies that are proving that its fully leaked or violation of the data.

A show of support of the Commission Federal Trade to follow a similar approach to European law and capital punishment and deterrent against companies that are complacent in dealing with the peculiarities of its users, especially Facebook where they invited many human rights organizations and to impose more severe fines against the background of recent leaks, which included scandal Cambridge Analytica as the breakthroughs last year.

As noted in the report of Washington Post, to the probability of inclusion of the deal negotiated between the house and the FBI both Instagram and WhatsApp due to the acquisitions of Facebook have and the extent of the impact on the security of users ‘ data and possibly support for the acquisition of them, in addition to the fine expected to be imposed.

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