A way to broadcast games directly from the iPhone and android on YouTube, Facebook,

Free among the possible games that will be available later for Android, but it’s available for download on iPhone, iPad, and free, whether you use Android or iOS you can start a live broadcast of the games on YouTube, Facebook and twitter and twitter.

To apply Mobcrush of feature photography the screen on the Android and iOS, instead of that saves the video to the device that displays it in the live broadcast during the game play, and to find out the truth, first install the app.

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After opening the application for the first time will require the registry to one of your accounts on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or Twitter so you can start broadcasting on the platform.

The start of the live broadcast of Android devices:

1) After the registration of the account, click on the video icon at the bottom of the application interface.

2) give the app permission to record video and Audio for investigation.

3) A window will appear the settings of the broadcast that request to enter broadcast settings from the choose a product that will be broadcast on them and then choose the game that will be broadcast and the name of the broadcast and to determine the accuracy of the video knowing that the highest resolution is 720p.

4) After that, click on the button to start broadcast yellow Start Broadcast.

The start of the live broadcast from iOS devices:

1) You must first make sure there is a button to the recording screen in the Control Center, therefore, there is Settings > Control Center > customize control, and click on the green button next to the registration screen to include the Control Center.

2) Open the app and side menu and select Start Broadcast.

3) enter the settings of the broadcast of the name of the game and video broadcast.

4) After that, go to control center and click on the record button of the screen and hold and select Mobcrush and make sure that the microphone is on and that your phone is muted until the transfer of your voice and the game of the country.

5) go back to investigate and click on the button to Start Broadcast yellow.

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