A way to control the brightness of the flash on the Samsung phones

Before you come to modern phones put Night Photography in the camera application, it was the function of the flash basic photography in the environments are gloomy, now became more important as a flashlight, did you know that there is an easy way to change the brightness of the flash on phones Samsung‘s?.

Can access the flash from the quick settings that we find away from the top of the screen to the bottom, and as you know, clicking once on the icon of the flash light triggers the flash, but what may obvious to some is the presence of customizable settings can be accessed by clicking on the word “Flashlight” down icon; the IS the settings in the bar to study the lighting, and you can preview each score after the run (On) the flash.

The brightness of the flash

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After selecting the level of brightness of the light, select “Done” (Done) to save the settings, now you can click on the alive in the normal way to turn off the flash, the more you run the flash after that, it will be on the level that you selected previously, which is of course editable in the same way.

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