A way to enable screen capture in Android system 10

Came system Android 10 a lot of advantages that made him the darling I have a lot of users with smartphones running Android, and sought the lot of them to update their phones to this system, in order to enjoy those advantages included with the system. Among those advantages is the visualization of the screen, where we’ll stop on the way to enable screen capture in the Android system10 .

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In general for photography the phone screen we will apply what in order to do the process of filming the screen, but that maybe carries with a lot of risk, due to the lack of a guarantee of such apps which can download with viruses that destroy the device, and for that to be the formal way to come up with the company itself in order to do this. The beauty of it is that the Android system 10 stated that the property is filming the screen of the phone without installing any apps, but this feature is hidden in the system and need to activate in order to enjoy them.

In order to avoid problems that you could get during your search for a way to activate this feature, you must follow this article which will give you a way to activate the feature filming the screen with ease, and without any problems in Android 10.

A way to enable screen capture in the system free

If you are of people who own a phone running Android OS 10 but I still don’t know that features are important to you and is filming the screen, so as not to see you this property is actively on the device, proceed this way to activate this feature in your phone and Share Your Friends screen shots that you do, and enjoy the most beautiful moments with

The first step: activate the developer options

تفعيل خيار المطور

By default the property of the photographing screen in the Android system 10 is disabled must be done to activate it manually, and to activate the developer options, activate the developer option you must do the following steps

  • Go to the settings of the phone and then About phone and search for something called the number of the version or Build number
  • Once you have access to a choice number of friends say for him several times in a row, while asked to put the word lock screen so make sure to request you do this, and then we will be shown a notification means is to activate the developer option, or programmed successfully.
  • Going back to the settings of the phone, go to Options Advanced settings, and we’ll see the property that you activate by a choice of developer or coder, or also a Developer option that, by the language of the device.

The second step: activating the filming of the screen

تفعيل خاصية تصوير الشاشة

Once you activate Developer option will get us access to the option of filming the screen with ease and activate it also, so let’s do the following steps

  • We go in Developer option and look for the option Feature flags or feature flags, and say for them
  • Once you get to the option of Feature flags looking for the recording option screen is settings_screenrecord_long_press we’re down we’re activated.

The second step: start the filming of the screen

بدء تصوير الشاشة

Once you activate the previous option on the Export screen of the phone, we will be able to see the screen with ease, and enjoy this water that was always hidden from the Android system 10 in order to start shooting the screen after headed this feature follow the below steps

  • We say to hold the button to fallow or energy until the appearance of the existing energy in the device is to reboot the device or shut down. another difference: the emergence of a new option not a screen capture or screenshots
  • We’re looking for a new option which has appeared to us, and then as soon as the appearance will not list the save to start recording Start recording

In this way we will have the advantage of filming the screen that was hidden, and could see the screen without installing any apps, which is the special feature of Android 10.


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