A way to process moving image through the application of DU GIF Maker

Download programme DU GIF Maker free for animated images

You can convert images and videos into animated pictures and GIF images from your phone with simple steps , in this topic of our site How does the technique offer you application DU GIF Maker that produces files and images GIF and burn GIF files for posting on the accounts of social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram and others , visit your program DU GIF Maker features effective and most important it allows you to create all the GIF files, such as images, animated avatar, GIFs and reaction GIFs funny using DU GIF Maker, simple steps , get to know them through this article .

About the application of DU GIF Maker :

Application DU GIF Maker is one application that provides you with the advantage of the work of comics by converting videos pictures every professional , and the idea of the app work on a compilation of several images and merge them in a specific format for Moving Image format files to GIF and share them on social networking sites .

You can apply for DU GIF Maker create many kinds of animated images such as motion pictures, photos, emoji and animated GIFs reflexes or sticker , As and the app enables the possibility of amendment on the photo and write on it and add text, stickers, forms multiple as the app lets you control the quality of the animation before you save it , and you can also control the time of war, whether to increase or reduce the speed of sound as desired by each user .

مميزات برنامج DU GIF Maker
Special programme DU GIF Maker

The best maker of GIFs de GIF Maker 2018 :

What differentiates the app from others is that it supports creation of all kinds of GIF files such as images, icons, animated, files, GIF, reactions, GIFs funny, as well as its support of the joint initiative for any application freelancing, besides, it offers you the advantage of editing images, and therefore brings a lot of tools and ideas in one interface.
It also has the user the freedom to choose to save the accuracy of the image after completion, and offers you the features to edit audio and video full to this editor supports adding texts or labels or reduce the time of the war, and many other tools, finally the application of DU GIF Maker, available in free and full and does not carry any ads, to try it you can download it through the download link on the bottom of your theme and you can download it on all operating systems such as Android 4.3 and the newest of that free .

تحويل الصور الى ملفات GIF
Convert images to GIF files
دمج الصور لانتاج ملف GIF
Merge images to produce a GIF file

What offers you application DU GIF Maker :

  • You can create GIF files animated series and clear in different ways by DU GIF Maker .
  • You can convert video to GIF file; you can convert images to GIF file; you can also modify the GIF files through the file editor GIF .
تحويل مقاطع الفيديو الى صورة ملفات GIF
Convert videos to image files GIF
  • Helps you application DU GIF Maker on the registration screen format GIF and that to issue the Android 5.0 and later versions .
  • Contains a lot of tools that allow you to modify the GIF files, such as changing speed, and add the text and the possibility of the story.
  • Gives you the possibility to choose the accuracy and the quality of the video or GIF file that spawned the application and the procedures of the party quickly .
اختيار دقة و جودة الفيديو
Test the accuracy and the quality of the video
  • You can drive GIF also of edit GIF files previously saved on your phone and offers you many of the tools that rival the best apps to edit video and audio .

Edit GIF images through the program DU GIF Maker

Think feature to edit GIF files of the most important features that are unique to the application of the DU GIF Maker which provides you with a set of tools that enable you to M nasty about any editing application outdoor , such as :

  • The possibility of reducing the duration of a GIF file : you can change the duration of the video clips or the pictures or GIF files of the original as you need.


  • The story of a GIF file : you can cut video clips or images Xiao GIF files of the original before you save the GIF file.
ادوات تحرير ملفات GIF
Tools to edit GIF files
  • Add text to a GIF file : you can add texts and stickers to the GIF file. We have provided a variety of colors for you to choose from.
كتابة النصوص على الصور المتحركة
Writing text on animated images
  • Adjust the speed : you can change the speed of the GIF file. You can create a GIF file faster, slower through the water.
التحكم في سرعة صور GIF
Control speed of GIF images
  • Check the GIF files and share them : you can easily share the GIF files to WhatsApp, وMessenger, facebook, twitter, وTumblr any other apps.
مشاركة ملفات GIF
Watch the GIF files
  • Gallery GIF file : you can view all the GIF files on your device. Participated and modified GIF files with just one click .

Link to download the program convert images and videos into animated GIFs DU GIF Maker

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