A way to record voice calls time enrollment Viber Messenger Skype online emo

تسجيل المكالمات

Not what change, but the application can Cube ACR to deal with all the social networking applications that support voice communication in addition to calls WhatsApp Razer burst Skype and Viber. Supports Lat the days when Otto and those that don’t know her !

Development of Cube ACR version Backup Pro, which we provide here free of charge the ability to control when you want to record his calls and the exclusion of some, while he works on the label by default for all your calls the VOIP there is a of numbers you can customize that process to confine their telephone numbers on specific banks.

You when you install the app on your mobile phone to work on the granting of powers as we know , it needs more than competence in the access to the list of names storage space to save audio file after the expiration of the calls.

Will record incoming and outgoing calls alike. When you adjust the setting to his will in the background waiting to work on call or receiving a call via the application of different spices. Appear with those apps side bar shows up with I call is under recording. Will you have access to the audio file after the call ends.

App tell issue not number 2.1.125 and you can download it from the following link:


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A way to record voice calls time enrollment Viber Messenger Skype online emo

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