A way to retrieve the call log for iPhone

To lose a record of phone calls, something has to happen for all users, and some moves that have the same record to another phone or to secure the same by saving a backup copy of the phone records in another place completely different so as to be away from the same device.

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Common when most of the users that they don’t give a damn about how important that point is a lesser problem but after the loss of the record in full at any moment, especially if it happened on the iPhone.

Solve that problem and sum up his view of our ways through which they can retrieve the call log is full, a method based on one application specialist and service iCloud cloud known to adopt by Apple, the way that we will explain do not require the need for the user to save a backup of the registry before you lost the call log.

Way to recover call log for your faith

First, we will analyze the program PhoneRescue an important program by recover deleted files from the devices, only the iPhone, we have chosen it because it is the best software to restore deleted files from the faith, plus he possesses high ability in the retrieval of call log information from the new.

We also mentioned we download the program on your PC and repeat it by clicking on the following link


  • After that we run the program and then work on the connected phone the faith through a cable connected between the phone and the computer.
  • After doing the process connect the parties to each other will show the interface of the program Master in front of the user.
  • Then after that should be pushed to the option of Recover from iOS Device as in the following picture.

طريقة استرجاع سجل المكالمات لجهاز الايفون

  • After that is pressed on the arrow mark located at the bottom of the program from the right, so that the program performs the scan of the phone which was connected to the computer.
  • We will choose Recover from Normal Mode.
  • Followed by pressing the Follow button or Next.
  • After that a new window will appear of all the things that the user can review again even if the photos or videos or even audio files.
  • This is done by checking the box next to the option to Call History so you can retrieve call log information.
  • Then click on the OK or OK.
  • After the software will function by checking your phone and then search for call log deleted to get it back.

Followed by a retrieve call log information is deleted by

  • You will have to wait until the program ends completely out of the process of the examination .
  • After the end of the program of examination with respect to it is to click on the Call History existing in the middle.
  • You will notice the appearance of all the calls in the right side of the program, as it will display the date for each call with the name.
  • You can determine the calls to be retrieved through the menu in front of you, or all calls phenomenon and then click on the iDevice set in the bottom of the program until the retrieval of all calls.

استرجاع المكالمات المحذوفه من خلال iCloud

Recovery Place deleted information through iCloud

  • This method relies on having a backup saved from the register.
  • What you need to do is run the program that previously we referred to at the top.
  • Then after it is pressed to Recover from iCloud.
  • Then click on the arrow at the bottom.
  • After that is done login to the account by typing in his password and Apple ID .
  • Then click on the download or Download next backup..
  • After it is determined the call log and then click on OK.
  • After that is done select the option to only list deleted will show all calls.
  • Select what you want and press on the iDevice.


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