A way to share WiFi without password Android

Often forget the password of the Wi-Fi what is held to share with guests and friends, but obstacles can be easily overcome by using the QR code.

This is done in two stages, the first device Android the user connected to Wi-Fi, and the second on the user’s PC that wants to connect to Wi-Fi.

The first phase:

Comes Wi-Fi access, you can create a QR code so that with his connection to the same Wi-Fi network without the need to know the password.

Don’t ask for some devices (such as devices, Shawty, Huawei, Samsung, the latest Android systems) a special application to create a QR code, the phone pops F1 like, if you click on the Wi-Fi connected, it will appear a QR code ready to scan. This knowing that this feature is scheduled to be available as part of the Android system 10, Raw; any, will be available for all devices soon.

So, unless you can create a QR code from within the settings of Wi-Fi, comes then the role of third-party applications, in particular the QR Code Generator.

The app requires entering the password (and the rest of the data connection and Wi-Fi) “one time only” to create a QR code, you can keep them for later, and the code is unusable unless you are changing any contact details.

Once you open the app and the button Text is actually the main interface then choose WIFI, you’ll see boxes of data requirements, where you’ll find the box for the SSID which is the name of the Wi-Fi connection, then the password box, type encrypt Wi-Fi that you can find, usually from the Settings section of the Wi-Fi within the Settings app.

Once you fill all data and click on the button Generate will create a QR code which you can save it to the gallery until needed by clicking on the icon of the floppy disk to the top of the application.. it should be noted that the app can’t distinguish the real data than others, so you won’t succeed in the share Wi-Fi via the QR code unless the data identical with the data network Wi-Fi.

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Thus may be done with the first phase, comes the role of second phase on the user’s PC that wants to connect to Wi-Fi.

The second phase

You need to apply able to scan a QR code; it may be water available within the camera application or the application of an ashtray on your phone, if you find it, you can download application QR Code Reader and Scanner that once you open it, just point camera to QR code which has been created as we explained in the first phase, to propose it to the Wi-Fi access.

And so is Wi-Fi access without the need for the password.

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