A wonderful application warns you of the cameras and should reduce the speed of the vehicle

تطبيق رائع يحذرك من الكاميرات و ينبهك لخفض سرعة المركبة

Plus, there are many navigation software which includes the implementation of speed cameras on the roads as a sage famous only for our app here Radarbot feature of specialization in this area is not like the others in the search instructions or access to the site, but specialises in show classes including speed cameras is updated semi-daily.

By relying on the GPS feature Location whether this water form of which depends your geographical location based on towers, mobile towers or GPS technology and offers built-to your phone mobile most accurate in this area, the application will Radarbot to alert you of the presence of surveillance camera before you arrive to it at a distance allows you to reduce the speed of the vehicle.

In addition to that, will also alert you of the legal speed for the street and alerts you when overtaken by a lot of the advantages that singing you about to pay those irregularities that may not be your energy.

The app relies on Google Maps Google Map and add or modify the locations of the cameras in My and your area depending on the users of the app ourselves, in those states where the application provides the feature to add a camera to the map that you can report on the presence of Speed Camera New when I find them on the map to be able to app from warning the rest of the users.

What we’re offering here is the backup of the app Radarbot Pro where the application is available on the stores Google Play and Apple for free which includes of course the adverts that don’t like her many.
The backup here of the dedicated app for Android or for iPhone it is not in front of them to download the free version from the App Store and go to the following links:

For Android phones
Radarbot Pro

For iPhone & iPad
Radarbot: SpeedCam Detector

When you install the app and run it will give the bug to determine your geographic location and download a special file in your includes map details all about speed cameras and their locations.
To investigate the advantage of being able to work in the background shows him floating window small on the phone screen displays through which the speed of the vehicle and, through them, also will give the app to alert you of speed cameras alerts sound.

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