A wonderful effect to lock the Android phone makes your phone more distinctive

A wonderful effect to lock Android phone. Now the phone today is the primary engine which depends on a lot of people all over the world, especially in order to make calls or even do several other tasks such as the use of applications and communicate with others and play games. Therefore, seek every one of them to have your phone more distinctive from other other phones. There are many effects that can be added to the phone, which will add a luster of beauty and enjoyment for this phone, specifically the main gate to enter to the phone apps, which is the lock screen. In order to enjoy in this portal we will give you a way by which you can add a beautiful effect and wonderful to lock the Android phone, which will make the phone you have attracts the attention of others but it covers routines that are used to unlock the phone.

Already we have provided in earlier themes a lot of themes that work to customize Android phone which gives it a lot of elegance, like add the effect to the screen of the shipment and that as soon as you connect the phone to the charger. As we have also provided other customizations at the level of The Shape of the phone from the inside, and all this cross-site cart integration. But in this topic we’ll get to customize the lock screen on the Android phone, by adding a beautiful effect to lock the phone, i.e. once you lock the phone via drag circle will appear like a circle of space open to the sky.

Through this method we will rely on the application of a secondary driving task, as you can customize it to influence the form that you want. Each person that will be using this method will accommodate over everyone who will get it after you apply the steps that we have for you in the next lines. If you want to reflect your phone to your personality and feel beautiful in it, hurried to use this method dear trading and to recognize various other topics that we have provided to customize your phone in the location.

A wonderful effect to lock the Android phone makes your phone more distinctive

The final result in this condition wouldn’t be clear to the exact shape, but after applying this experience on the phone will give you what holds this company from the influence of special to lock the phone, so we invite you to apply these steps step by step to reach the final result.

Steps to add a wonderful effect to lock Android phone

The focus of this process or this effect depends on the application lockscreen optimus which was developed by one of the developers of apps for Android phones, which concerned the allocation of telephone Bethel and effects of the Fantastic, where you can download the app through the website MediaFire this from the link at the bottom.


تحميل التطبيق

Once you download the app we install on your phone like any other app we downloaded via direct links, and then we run the phone app to gain access to the application’s main interface, where it will tell you when the phone is turned it doesn’t required root but I don’t have the impact that we want to add does not require Root, so we clicked on the word OK.

تشغيل التطبيق

From the application’s main interface we select the section special effects which Lockscreen Effect with this option many of the effects you can choose from.

الواجهة الرئيسية للتطبيق

From the floating window that appeared we have, we identify only the impact that we want a Whitehole in this way we may have to apply this effect.

تأثير شاشة القفل

For the modification on the settings of this effect we Press in the main interface to the option of Personalization where we can adjustment on the background of the lock screen to match the effect you want to add, and many other influences that we leave you the freedom of modifying it as appropriate to you.

Here if we have to close the screen and then turn the drag the screen as usual from the extreme bottom corners of the phone we find that this effect has already been applied, and congratulations to you to add wonderful effect to lock the Android phone and very special.

تأثير رائع لقفل هاتف الأندرويد

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