A6s the first phone that carries the name of Samsung’s industry and other company

A6s أول هاتف يحمل اسم سامسونج وصناعة شركة أخرى

It seems that Samsung is willing to do anything to regain the Chinese market and the Indian to their advantage after the control of Chinese companies headed by Shao. Huawei on these markets and began to thrust them in other developing markets, including Egypt. According to a new report company Samsung is in the process of revealing a new phone carries the name of the A6s, which will be the first phone from the giant company, the report of its sub manufactured.

According to the new report is expected to show new will get the Samsung logo in plain terms imply technical difficulties to the manufacturer for Shawty Wintech which will manufacture the new phone.

The report of the site Sammobile that the company will be issued a phone at the price of $ 260 which makes him the phone in the average category compared to the price of phones Shawty Huawei and other Chinese companies but the phone if the specs mentioned in the report that price this might be a strong signal that Samsung decided to change its course.

According to the report the phone will come with the internal memory of 64 GB memory, random 6 GB slice Snapdragon 660 in addition to a battery of 3300 mah and the screen Super Amoled Full HD + design Infinity Display representative of the company.

According to the report, there will be a strengthening scroll for colors in the cell will come next to the phones A9, which was unveiled this month which features four cameras background of the protection of to China soon without more details.

Although we do not know whether this move of Samsung will be limited to China only or are they coming to other states but, all season maybe think about during this moment in the Chinese market only that its sales have declined by a huge market so any dip means large numbers of loss.

The reports indicate that Samsung is equipped to design impressive phone Galaxy S10 product from the company during the first half of next year according to reports the phone will have the best design in the series full-screen provided by the company in a new way which had not been presented before.

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