Abe shadi Abu al-Naga as the General Manager for”vote” in the Middle East

The company announced the “Vice”, a subsidiary of “the media” in the media, from the accession of Abe shadi Abu el-Naga to the regional management team has in Dubai.

The company, competent to provide the services of video on demand in emerging markets, which includes India and South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East, to the Chief Executive, the most prestigious in the world of digital media, will assume the post of Director General for the Middle East in the company, will be responsible for Strategic leadership for regional service “for the land located” and to oversee its operations in the region.

According to a press release, Mr. Abu-Naga experience of over 17 years in the field of broadcast media and digital content and the content of the internet, he has worked as a “vice” with the center for Middle East TV MBC MBC for almost 10 years, during which he held suitable professional multiple most recently as Director of digital business.

It is known that the service of “the land located in the” VIU offers fun entertainment for millions of users a day thanks to the offer of digital content rich unique local character, in accordance with the model of innovative business, the partnerships, reliable, and superior patented.

Mr. Salman Hussain, senior officials of the revenue in “Vice”: “the experience of the Abu Naga and his leadership abilities in the field of digital media correspond strongly with the distinction of “Vice” and their resources in this sector”, indicating that the service “land located in the” pass “phase of the task and transition in light of our rapid expansion in various markets, we have reached to millions of fans enthusiasts”.

Hussein said: “We set out just in this region, and achieved the first set of productions “for the land located in the” original Arabic, such as the series “love of the good” and the program “one:one” ball comedian, in response to positive by the problems of our system and our partners and stakeholders in the sector on both, and we look forward in the light of the leadership of Abu al-Naga to provide a variety of attractive entertainment programmes for our audience in the region, as well as to achieve the desired service “for the land located” across the Middle East.”

For his part, expressed abol Naga about his sense of enthusiasm for joining the “vote”, stressing that the service is “for the land located” on the right path to success, and its approach in providing local content to the region, Add to its team of local and international rebel pose “a typical recipe for success.”

Abol Naga said: “the increased turnout of youth on the content’s digital entertainment prove that the market for these services in the Middle East and North Africa will be promising, at the time the train passes, the entire phase interesting.”

It should be noted that “the land located in the” provided by “Vice” are among the most prominent platforms on-demand video service, has seen 29 million process download content, a service available in 15 markets, including Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, and a number of Middle Eastern countries, namely Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt.

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