Aboard the ISS discovered the breach. The astronauts are trying to fix a leak

Last night in the living compartment of the ship “Soyuz MS-09”, docked to the International space station, was discovered the breach. The air pressure had dropped slightly so there was not worry. Most likely leak on Board the “Union” occurred in the night of August 30 due to contact with a micrometeor. A day later the leak was fixed, that inspection will be held on the morning of August 31.

It was also reported that Russian cosmonauts decided to begin to repair on their own, without waiting for their American colleagues and having received a corresponding signal from the MCC of the Russian space Agency. They put on respiratory masks and prepared a repair kit to correct the leak by installing a sealed patches.

On the International space station has detected the breakdown

Initially, the gap was closed with tape. But it helped briefly and the pressure again began to decline.

“Duct tape is not enough for a complete blockage of microcracks. The pressure again began to decline with the rate of 0.6 mm Hg per hour,” said the source “Interfax”.

The crew then decided to eat and explore the cracks with the help of an endoscope. However, did not wait for the help of American colleagues, offering to study in detail the nature of the cracks and patched them.

“The signal about the leak came at about 2:00 in the morning, the pressure was falling slowly, which did not cause alarm at the control flight. We found only two holes measuring 2 mm each, both in the living compartment “Soyuz MS-09″. They are stuck with kapetanovo tape. This is sufficient for safe completion of the mission docked to the ISS vehicle. The threat is not a leak”, said the Russian space Agency.

At the moment the water leaks on Board the “Union” is restored, we are waiting for further news.

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