About “the Apple”. 1983 to 1993, the truth is somewhere near. The Expulsion Of The Jobs

In October 1983 the price of preparing for the birth of the Macintosh 128K/400 has already been assigned and recorded. At the level of 1995 dollars. But Scully decided to raise it to 2495.

“We need somewhere to take money on its advertising and promotion,” replied Scully defences up jobs. After a few days Steve gave up. That is, the screening of the movie in 1984 as the most expensive Prime-time, when he watched dozens, if not hundreds, of millions of Americans, cost the buyers the very first Macs in the $ 500 to spare for each instance. Well, they did not even know existed.

Maybe for 1995, $ Mac 128K/400 was sold to have fun. But it is not a fact. If not for the historical display of historical movie in Prime time, it would have learned much less potential buyers. Tens of thousands instead of tens of millions.

Pacifiers do not become heads PepsiCo in 38 years.

Version and reality

There is a theory that John Scully (adjectives omitted), jealous of jobs, not understanding the technology, from harm and other bad personal qualities, took and fired the poor Steve jobs…

Actually… Scully didn’t envy the jobs, in 1984 and 1985, they violently clashed, but as the future showed, they were both right and wrong. And if you look at the events of those days with an open mind, rather, it is jobs was wrong more than his opponent. And Scully at the time didn’t really understand what “vision”. Where and when he could get this understanding? Scully ignored that factor, this was his fault.

Sculley didn’t fire jobs. He removed jobs from managing the Macintosh Division, and the reasons for such a step was. The rest did jobs himself. The escalation of the conflict, the conspiracy, a coup attempt, an appeal to the Board of Directors with the request to dismiss Scully. Read more about these events below.

And besides, Steve jobs was not poor. He didn’t have to worry about where to get the money to buy the next “Mercedes”. And besides, he owned a six-and-a-half million shares of Apple, the sale of which soon after his departure from the company turned him into a multimillionaire.

The threat for Macintosh

The situation in the company in 1985, was extremely pessimistic. Sales of the Apple II fell, the Mac generally sold badly. For the young personal computer industry from time to time, like a tsunami on a defenseless populous shore, rolled over incomprehensible crises, something like the outbreak of SARS or influenza, and it looks like it was one of them – but obvious errors Apple Computer played a role.

Led to complications.

Apple employees waited for the next contractions. The risk of turning the Macintosh into another failure is literally hanging in the air. Steve stubbornly pushed to the end of the project, the meaning and usefulness of which raised doubts of most experts.

  • The same Big Mac;
  • portable Mac, the consequence of Dating jobs with the first commercial laptop Osborne 1;
  • the concept of Desktop Publishing and real projects to implement this concept in life LaserWriter and support the company Aldus, developed for Macs PageMaker program to work on this direction was created a special division of the company (special forces!) Apple Lab;

And one more thing, “the little things”.

We know that it was very important and valuable, but at the time really needed to make the maneuver to save the company afloat.

The contradiction between jobs and Scully continued to deteriorate until the situation flared and sparkled not with a Bang and smoke… But before we talk about what and how things ended, find out whether the Macintosh project were in jeopardy?

Sales of Macs

Sales of Macs were worse than expected, but despite the imperfection and devastatingly weak technical specifications Macintosh 128K/400, everything went surprisingly well. Jobs promised to sell a million Macs in 1984? So after him, no one believed it, about the promise reported as another oddity eccentric Enfant Terrible of Silicon valley.

He promised to sell to one hundred thousand Macintosh 128K/400 for the first one hundred days of the start of sales. Around the one hundredth day has sold 72 thousand Macs. This is confirmed by the data, those who claim to be selling the Apple for the entire 1984 only 80 thousand Macs or don’t know, either… lying?

In June 1984, it was sold 65 thousand Macs. Apple Computer was hit by a barrage of complaints and criticism. The computer was intriguingly interesting, but frankly weak. In September 1984 Apple Computer finally broke proud silence and answered. To the model number of Macs added Macintosh 512K/400. For $ 3195.

The sales of Macs is not affected. More…

At the end of October or in early November was a crisis. The most similar to the epidemic. In November it sold a total of about 20 thousand Macs. In December even less.

The rebellion

Sluggish sales have continued and “on the other side of Christmas”, in the new 1985.

According to sculley, jobs had killed their offspring and company. Sculley removed jobs from the leadership of the “unclear” projects and moved it to “the local equivalent of Siberia.” Steve went mad with idleness, injustice, stupidity and betrayal, a mile small from the doers of history, and… he finally decided to act.

9 or 10 April 1985, Scully had to fly to China. On this day, Steve planned a coup. He talked with people, shared his vision with each separately. Someone gave the plan the “April uprising” John Scully. It is believed that jobs gave Jean Louis Gasse. Maybe…

Scully secretly canceled the trip to China and came to the office at the most inopportune moment of the insurgents. It ended before it began.

Sculley didn’t fire jobs. None of the supported Steve staff was fired. This is furious and is not in-control of the jobs appealed to the Board of Directors with the request to dismiss Scully. He was sincerely convinced that the Board will support it.

Jobs was unable to convince the Board of Directors of the correctness, but lucidly and convincingly proved that working together with John Scully he will not.

The Board of Directors fired Steve jobs. Won’t ask how you would have done. We have the advantage over men of the time, we know that jobs was a genius. In those days this was only a guess, and these quick-witted, and could be counted on the fingers of both hands.

The Board of Directors fired jobs because he just couldn’t do otherwise. BUT let us imagine that a miracle happened. Steve took himself in hand and would have distorted the minds of the audience the “field of distortion of reality,” and instead of John sculley left the company would be Steve jobs.

If Steve jobs in 1985, won

Hardly company would have waited for a bright future. Jobs himself was aware that to manage large multi-million dollar company, he is not capable of. In any case, would have to find a new contender for the post of head of Apple Computer, spend the time and money of the company, while competitors will be surviving company from the market.

Moreover, almost any other senior Executive, particularly with management experience in large companies, which, in addition, also a professional in the field of promotion and brand promotion that ultimately would have behaved the same as Scully. Or worse.

I’m afraid if Steve jobs joined the company in 1985, Apple Computer could not live up to the ‘ 90s. To become what Steve was in 1997, he had to survive dismissal, and the tremendous epic of the NeXT, and just grow up.

The ideal outcome would be a compromise between jobs and Scully, which was absolutely impossible.

The continuation (about Newton and communication with Apple) should be.

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