About two-thirds of Android applications anti-virus not working correctly

Always trying to users to secure and protect their smartphone from the risk of intrusion by installing anti-virus applications, but you can count on these applications?

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In fact, the organization of an Austrian specialist in the evaluation of the anti-virus software called AV-Comparatives, the test is about 250 apps from the Android anti-virus, which discovered that 80 of these applications (i.e., less than a third) were able to discover more than 30 percent of malware that has been placed in each application during the individual tests.

According to the researchers, some of the anti-virus application you mark on any application installed on the user’s phone to indicate that he is sly, if not the name of the application package included in the White list. In this way, I discovered some anti-virus application as a malware when I programmed the app and add the package names of their own to the White list.

In some cases, not applications scan codes to be cleaned of viruses, and your applications and some security companies such as AVG & Kaspersky and McAfee are taking وSymantec, as they enjoy a pattern familiar in the bathroom.

Has already been removed 32 of these applications fake from the Google Play Store during the last two months after the end of the test, it has been developing most of these apps either by programmers enthusiasts or by the manufacturers of the programs that do not focus on the protection functions.

Bottom line, it is necessary that you download the apps anti-virus of well-known companies tradition.


I know of

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