Abu-Ghazaleh: from trade war to boycott the business and then for a third World War

Revealed a statement posted to his official account of the group Talal Abu-Ghazaleh on Facebook a little while ago about the expectations of the stark events of the current global crisis, war, trade between the United States and China.

Said Abu-Ghazaleh in his statement, contrary to the worlds in his collection: “I have declared the United States on the fourteenth of the month, as I stopped previously, that the economy is vinegar in the phase of stagnation! Looking at the European economy, also as predicted. As I expect you will end this recession to the whole world because as it was said Always when you give America gets the world line”.

He added: “I expect this will require a recession to become the 2020 recession and expensive in price. You will require trade war to become the province of business, as expected. And Su P experience these events to a third World War, and then brings the Titans have to a new world order ruled by the poles (America and China).

The face of Abu-Ghazaleh also his speech to the need to follow a number of procedures necessary to protect his companies.

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