Access to 75,000 people through the penetration of the health care system the American

الوصول لمعلومات 75.000 شخص عبر اختراق لنظام الرعاية الصحية الأمريكي

Assured health care centre and medical assistance to American last Friday the arrival of the Pirates of the sensitive information it.000 people, by penetrating system of government is used by agents and brokers to mobilize persons to facilitate the process of delivery of health care.

The registration system inventor tied to the location of government health care official, but the Pirates never made to target the official site directly, but the system used by the brokers, which system is not visible to the public is used to help people shopping for health plans, which need much personal information of course; include the address, email address, Social Security number, and other.

And requires a health care center to talk about what data has been accessed by a hacker, not even about the details of the occurrence of the process of the hack and that you stand behind her, but confirmed that the site of the official government has not been affected, and the cycle of November next for the plan of health care will also be affected, the officials now for the persons that suffered damage and to communicate with them and provide protection for their data in accordance with the plan account care center.

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