Accessories my new shop to sell women’s accessories and

اكسسواري متجر جديد لبيع الإكسسوارات النسائية والساعات

While waiting for online shops that offer many products in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there was a shortage in stores are competent in selling women’s accessories and watches, which raised the idea of creating a store that carries this idea is particularly called the store accessories.

The shop offers accessories tens of options of women’s accessories and watches of several brands and models of different follow the fashion world first hand, to give the buyer a chance to get new products and varied.

And in the new store, is the flexibility in the payment process when you buy any of the products in question, which provides payment options when you purchase or through credit cards the card over, or even through bank transfer.

As to the site’s services are not limited to specific areas, because it offers in all cities in Saudi Arabia, beside to provide its products in all GCC countries.

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