Accessory turns the phone into the maker Coffee

If it’s too difficult for you, to spend long hours outside the home, without eating a cup of coffee every now and then, then you’re of people who would like the hardware of the new phones.

The company invented the “Moka” phone cover can protect the coffee inside, while the application is being used to talk on the phone for the sake of making a great cup of coffee anywhere, which is what makes the link between the phones and the coffee is not prepared from now on.

It’s simple, the chip is placed carry coffee beans and inside cover of the smart phone, and then presses the button to radiate the magic, choose from one of the slots phone cover, hot coffee required, by the heating system of the internal phone.

Says one of the makers of the amazing product, which the company is located in the city of Naples, the “cap MOQ Chairs is first of its kind, as never before invented the cover of the phone can make you a hot coffee anywhere you want, in the simplest potential routes, what makes your phone looks unique” .

He adds: “often we are on a hurry to catch up with work or any another date, so imagine if you could deal with your favorite coffee and you’re in transport or while waiting for your kids after school, that’s really what pushed us to create this new product”.

Accessory Handset for each species famous

Manufactured several special covers all types of smartphones, such as iPhone, Samsung, and a range of other species.

The interesting thing is that this project was supposed to come out to the light through “Kickstarter”, a famous American company that mediate between many creators and contributors, but it seems that the massive popularity achieved by the product in a short time, pushed the innovative organization to start the implementation of their project, without the American company’s argument.

It is expected to be released talk app very soon, and at a cost that is relatively high up to 87 $, which however, sees a lot of coffee lovers, they do not balance the importance of addressing them in any time or place.

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