According to experts of NASA, beyond Earth need to search for unusual forms of life

Kaneyama aliens? Why not! Experts at the American space Agency NASA believe we should not only think about those life forms that we know. According to some researchers, in search of extraterrestrial life , scientists should focus on the planets and satellites of our Solar system, which confirmed the presence of water. It is no secret that water contributes to the development of life even under the most adverse conditions. At the same time, life on other planets and moons can be so strange that even people with the most imaginative can’t afford to provide.

Some scientists believe that in the first place is to look for microbes

What could be the aliens?

Nathan Yee (Nathan Yee) — a researcher from Rutgers University, USA, funded by NASA and teaches astrobiology — the science of studying life outside of our planet. In science fiction works of the writers and Directors put a lot of effort to search for signs of life such as plants, animals and organisms that are similar to us. But there is a higher probability that alien life exists on a microscopic level. This fact is much more interesting, if you remember, that is capable of the earliest forms of life on Earth. If you remove the oxygen, as happened with the ancient atmospheres of Earth or Mars, there will be germs that will find a way to breathe other things, such as iron, are found inside of stones. What do you think, what else can be the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations? Let’s talk about this with members of our Telegram chat.

This is interesting: Aliens exist and have visited our planet

Yi is the co-researcher funded by NASA of the ENIGMA project at Rutgers University and Professor of geomicrobiology and Geochemistry. Team ENIGMA is trying to figure out how proteins, which the researchers describe as “complex machines”, have evolved to create life on Earth. Yi is also working with NASA on the Mars and the upcoming mission to the Red planet in 2020. This cooperation is due to the fact that NASA experts need a person with knowledge of the microbes that interact with minerals and biosignature. Earth’s ancient microbes left traces of its existence in the rocks after died.

Unfortunately, the search for intelligent life in the Solar system out of the question

Astrobiology is the science of the future?

The astrobiology course that teaches Yi started this semester at a University in new Jersey. It covers the origin of life on Earth and what does this have to do with life on other planets. In the future mankind will be able to achieve success in the search for life beyond Earth, including thanks to such courses at universities. It is not excluded that astrobiology will become one of the most important fields of science in the next 20 — 30 years. the reason for this is the fact, new space travel and new technology telescopes facilitate the search for the building blocks of life on other planets and moons.

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Enceladus, may hide the traces of microbial life

Everywhere, where on Earth liquid water has been detected microbial life. People are intelligent enough to understand that if in our solar system there are planets on which there are oceans, we should look for alien microbes. Europe, which is one of the moons of Jupiter, a perfect candidate for finding life under the ice layers. The moon of Saturn Enceladus has geysers and hot springs that erupt from its southern pole. It is logical that the scientists intend to search for life on the moons of gas giants. Note that scientists do not think that on Europa or Enceladus will find whales, octopus or other alien creatures, but they are almost certain that life on these moons is — microbial. And it continues to evolve. Do you agree with the scientists or believe that the moon is uninhabited?

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