According to the Reuters report refers to the return of the licenses and services of Huawei during the two weeks to 4 weeks

Came to a new report from Reuters to forecast the return of the permits. Huawei with a permit to purchase American products over a period ranging from two weeks to 4 weeks.

It was the statements of Donald Trump during the G20 serve as the first step to resolve the crisis between the U.S. administration and the Huawei, and then came the numerous statements of senior officials of the American administration to clarify the plans of the United States in giving statements to buy Huawei in the coming period.

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I have referred Larry Kudlow the president of the council site in the United States that Huawei is still part of the block lists, and that the company will not get a full pardon at the current time.

While the statements of Wilbur Ross, Minister of Commerce confirm that Huawei will get the specific licenses purchased products to us and get the services of an American also, due to the security concerns that still exist until now.

He came in a Reuters report that the U.S. administration will begin in the licensing area of Huawei during the two weeks to 4 weeks, as confirmed by a spokesperson from the Ministry of Commerce that the required licenses from Huawei is now the subject of learning to make sure not to damage the national security.

On the other hand, noted analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo to restrictions on Chinese giant Huawei will decrease in intensity with the end of the month of July, to include the statements of the next Google services.


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