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Believe it or not, you know Facebook to the process of an actual breakthrough, after which the access to the data of 30 million users, add these to the 87 billion another victim of the scandal of the Cambridge face at the beginning of the year and the project is 117 million users was a violation of their privacy.

The data that was accessed in a recent hack of the very sensitive ones phone numbers and other searches on Facebook in addition to e-mail addresses, and another 10 locations in the real world they have to register to access.

The issue, according to the latest results serious, where there are at least 400 thousand users viewed the conversations and information that was downloaded from the inventors, or even if they amend some of the bad or by taking advantage of control accounts to send messages that include certain links or content that are inappropriate.

There are at least 15 million accounts affected in a bad way of hack in general link the victim to the 30 million users that many are divided into categories from Least Affected to most affected, and the existing situation worse is the category which we have addressed previously.

Started the American company alerted the users most affected what was accessed from the inventors as confirmed in the latest official statement from them in working with the FBI to investigate who’s behind the exploitation of security gaps and the access to this much data.

Maybe you hear that the hack may touch 30 million users the that your account are protected on the product, makes you feel that your account is the most secure, that they are in the end.

Of data which the inventors find credit card information for accounts that used Facebook ads and some services that need to balance financial.

Was also access to own posts and friends list and the rest of the information can be the user has shut it down to show to yourself, the pages that follow add to the search operations carried out by the publications in which the interaction with them.

There are no guarantees that this is the latest hack of privacy on this social network, in fact by the historic low.

This can be repeated already once again, there is no platform in the world to guarantee users that don’t learn to penetrate.

On the other hand, police is still involved in the problems of violation of users ‘ privacy by collecting more of the data users.

Risk they do not intend to change its policies effectively, since the days back reports about the intention to collect data from the health care sector and data users patients.

Collected Facebook data from users in different forms and from a variety of services, and its on its servers that can be accessed by the kidnappers in the end.

I’ve turned this company to the Bank of the giant data and information users and their lives are digital, and less use of those data can crash the life of the target person and place him in danger.

It’s dangerous to share your location daily on such a product, record the places you are registered, therefore if we assume that the criminal is certain wants to kill you will have to get that record is important, and the same thing if a thief is targeting your possessions.

This is just a small example of the vast damage that can get through the access of inventors to information and data on Facebook or the loss of control.

Add the problem of the violation of the privacy of users to the major problems afflicting the region, including hate speech and the news fake.

These problems actually paid months ago a lot of users drop out of the organization sounding the alarm for the rest of the users of that organization can lose control over the data users can be to have damage bad.

Have Facebook of course good techniques to protect users ‘ data and has servers of their own and are dependent on them, and above that have the audacity to collect more data so they launched a version of Messenger children’s Messenger for Kids will in a way or another data on our children unfortunately.

The company is investing a lot in storage and the resources for recording and documenting the lives of the people and users, and that data is its capital where you think you need in broadcast ads related to the interests of users and profit from them.

And, of course, natural to be the target of the largest number of inventors and criminal organizations and governments to access their data and bring it and use it for sordid.

Presence on Facebook and use it is tantamount to your approval of the actual to be the digital bank for your life, use WhatsApp and Instagram enters within this circle and gives him the right to be informed of your own life.

The question is Do you still think that your account is the safest just because you did the two-step verification and use a difficult password? I think it should be the answer now you don’t.

This is the truth of the account most secure on Facebook is that it has been deleted long ago exceeded at least 3 months, the owners of those accounts initially are in the safe most of the owners of active accounts currently.


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